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루비 스팍스 (Ruby Sparks) - 3.5 stars out of 4 (read my review here) 다시보기 리뷰
It's a rare treat these days when Hollywood serves up an imaginative and creative idea such as Ruby Sparks. As the anticipated follow up to directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris' debut Little Miss Sunshine, Ruby Sparks follows a struggling writer named Calvin (played by Paul Dano) who falls in love with his made up female character Ruby Sparks (played by Zoe Kazan). No big deal, right? Until Calvin wakes up to find Ruby, alive and real, inside of his house. On the surface, Ruby Sparks appears to be like any other romantic comedy you've seen. But after watching the film, you will gain a much deeper and darker appreciation for the manner in which Ruby Sparks addresses relationships.
2017/10/07 03:28 2017/10/07 03:28
안전은 보장할 수 없음 (Safety Not Guaranteed) - 3.5 stars out of 4 (read my review here) 다시보기 리뷰
Safety Not Guaranteed is a refreshing and original comedy/drama. It's characters are rare gems with sincerity and authenticity spilling from every word and action they display on screen. Darius (played by Aubrey Plaza) is an intern working for a Seattle magazine. When her boss Jeff decides to write an article about a random classified ad seeking a partner for time travel, Darius is needed to infiltrate the situation. Inevitably, the author of the classified ad, Kenneth (played by Mark Duplass), lets Darius into his somewhat crazed world filled with ideas of time travel and redemption. Even though the film incorporates a blanketed sci-fi backdrop to an otherwise fabulous tale of romance and despair, Safety Not Guaranteed is as real as it gets. Clearly one of 2012's finest pieces of work, take a chance and check out Safety Not Guaranteed.
2017/10/05 03:28 2017/10/05 03:28
21 앤드 오버 (21 and Over / and Warm Bodies Trailers) 다시보기
Who didn't love The Hangover? Even if you were one of the last people on earth to catch the massively hyped and highly touted blackout comedy, chances are you still laughed the whole way through. Therefore, it's no surprise when a film can name drop anything that relates back to The Hangover. But there's something about Jon Lucas and Scott Moore's 21 and Over that feels eerily similar to the pair of writers' claim to fame. Jeff Chang is a straight-A college student with an important medical school interview at 8 am the next morning. When his two best friends surprisingly show up for his 21st birthday, what's meant to be a "quick beer" turns into a night of mayhem and debauchery. Check out the trailer for 21 and Over  below.
While zombie's are clearly sweeping the nation as "the latest craze" (zombies are the new vampires), we should expect Hollywood to try and take the idea in a completely different directions. 50/50 director Jonathan Levine brings us a creative look at the flesh eating monsters with his newest film Warm Bodies. After a zombie falls in love with the former girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sparks a startling discovery that may completely change the undead futuristic world. Although Warm Bodies has a premise that sounds a little (or maybe a lot) strange, it looks as though Jonathan Levine could really pull this off. Intriguing to say the least, check out the trailer for Warm Bodies below.
2017/10/04 03:27 2017/10/04 03:27
오즈 그레이트 앤드 파워풀 (Oz: The Great and Powerful, 2013 / Oz the Great and Powerful and Admission Trailers) 다시보기 리뷰
The Wizard of Oz is an irrefutable timeless classic. For that reason alone, it's a perfectly normal reaction to cringe at the sound of a prequel. However, director Sam Raimi's second trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful has me quite intrigued. Starring Academy Award Nominee James Franco as small time magician Oscar Diggs, Oz the Great and Powerful follows Diggs on his magical journey and inevitable transformation into the well-known the Wizard of Oz. If you can withstand the thought, check out the trailer below.
Saturday Night Live writer Tina Fey returns in 2013 with the romantic comedy Admission. Fey stars as a college admissions officer who falls for an old classmate (played by Paul Rudd). While I was a little unimpressed by the half-hearted laughs that the trailer generates, Fey is always a wild car who can show up strong and surprise you. Check out the trailer for Admission below.
2017/10/03 03:27 2017/10/03 03:27


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